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Cozumel Weather

Thanks to its subtropical island climate, Cozumel is warm almost every single day of the year. Rarely does the weather ever dip down below the 70 degrees Fahrenheit mark. In fact, even in the winter months of November through March, the daytime temperature will frequently go up into the upper 70's and even lower 80's. This is of course why Cozumel and the nearby cities of the Yucatan Peninsula are some of the world's top vacation destinations during the winter months. When the northern hemisphere is suffering through bleak and freezing winters, the temperature stays summer-like and sunny throughout the year down in Cozumel.

The coolest months in Cozumel are December or January, so just to be on the safe side, bring a jacket or sweater with you. The hottest months tend to be May, June and July. The winter months will see some winter storms here and there that bring strong winds. These typically last a day or less. The rainy season starts in July and runs through September. Rainstorms in Cozumel and the surrounding areas are typically very short-lived. And oftentimes if there is rain reported over on the mainland, Cozumel will be completely cloudless and sunny.

Given your chances, the weather in Cozumel will be beautiful during your visit to the beautiful Yucatan island. It's a good idea to come prepared for your season's potential weather fluxes, such as bringing a sweater in the winter months and a raincoat in the rainy season. But more likely than not you can expect the weather in Cozumel to be just like what it looks like in postcards.

Knowledgable Friendly Staff

Here at Cozumel Dolphins, we work with only the most dedicated and service-oriented travel agents. Our team is made up of expert Cozumel agents who know how to provide you with only the best customer service. Our staff is familiar with all of our Cozumel dolphin tours and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our tours, Cozumel, or the Yucatan Peninsula. Not sure which of our tours to go on? Simply call our offices and our agents will be happy to find the Cozumel dolphin tour that is perfect for you and your group!

The team at Cozumel Dolphins is made up of enthusiastic and expert agents who are highly familiar with the travel industry and Cozumel. We work with the most highly trained dolphin experts who provide our clients with a truly unforgettable dolphin experience, whether you are going on the Dolphin Encounters or the Dolphin Swims.