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Sea Lions Facts | Swim with Dolphins | Cozumel Dolphins


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Sea Lions Facts

The Dolphin facilities on Chankanaab National Park in Cozumel are also home to sea lions. Like dolphins, sea lions are loved for their heartwarming charm, their sociability, and their playful and almost goofy manner. And also like their dolphin peers, sea lions have been featured in TV and film and aquarium shows all over the world. They are quick to learn and eager to show off their tricks, though it's hard to tell whether they get more pleasure out of making the audience laugh or of receiving their delicious fish reward.

Physically, the sea lion is recognized for its small external ear flaps, its elongated frontal flippers, and the way they can walk on all fours almost as well as they can swim. Sea lions are a type of pinniped, which is the word for mammals who are semi-aquatic and who are fin-footed. The sea lions that are most commonly seen in aquarium shows are the California Sea Lions. This specific species of sea lion is known for its ability to be easily trained. They are also known as one of the more intelligent species of sea lion and as the ones who can adapt the most easily to human environments. For instance, if you have ever been to San Francisco, California, you can see hundreds of these sea lions sunbathing off Pier 39. Seeing so many of these animals so close to one of the United States' biggest cities is a fascinating and almost comical display.

The California Sea Lion is known for its pointed snout, giving them a dog-like appearance. Their main method of communication, howling dog-like barks, also add to comparisons between the sea lions and man's best friend. The male sea lions can grow to be 850 pounds and nearly 8 feet long, while females are smaller, typically reaching 220 pounds in weight and 6.5 feet in length. The sea lions are semi-aquatic and can spend up to 15 minutes underwater without coming back up for air. Their diet consists mainly of squid and fish, but they are known for not being picky and can eat everything from clams to anchovies. Like dolphins, sea lions are quite sociable. They typically hunt in groups (though they can hunt by themselves). In fact, they have been known to help hunt in cooperation with other predators (like dolphins or porpoises) when it comes to hunting massive schools of fish.

In the excellent marine facilities in Chankanaab Park in the heart of Cozumel, you will be given the chance to learn all about these incredible creatures. You will also get to see them in action as they show off all their tricks. And you can even jump in the water and swim alongside the sea lions, if you are so inclined.

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